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Build Workplace Competency 

Welcome to Insight Indigenous Anti-Racism Coaching Services
I acknowledge that I live on unceded and occupied Quw'utsun (Cowichan) homelands and work daily to expose and address generations of colonial injustice and inequities.

Are you concerned about your organization's Indigenous Anti-Racism or Cultural Safety Competency?

I’d like to help.

Build a Better Workplace


These services are intended for mostly White Settlers but can help anyone to gain insight into the field of Indigenous anti-racism.

  • Learn how to identify and intervene in Indigenous specific racism

  • Learn how to improve relationships with Indigenous colleagues

  • Learn how to provide safer services for Indigenous peoples.


Cultural Safety

One-on-One Guidance and Coaching

These sessions help you apply a critical Indigenous anti-racist lens to your work and relationships.


Coaching and Debrief Support 

Together we can examine, deconstruct, and create an action plan to remediate incidents of Indigenous specific racism.


Integrated & Applied Learning

Facilitated learning guides for integrating and applying Indigenous anti-racism learning.  Ideal for team or individual action plans. 


Community of Indigenous Anti-Racism Intervention

This facilitated series of 6 advanced workshops is ideal for teams or leadership groups.


Human Resource Services

Recruitment and Retention support for Indigenous anti-racism screening, creating job descriptions, postings and interview guides.


Indigenous Anti-Racism and Cultural Competency Screening

Screen your organizational policies, strategic plans, staff performance plans to improve equity. Are you asking the right questions and targeting the correct indicators for safety? 


BC and National
Indigenous Cultural Safety

Level Up Your Knowledge


Given the evidence of Indigenous specific racism exposed in media, we should all be concerned about our knowledge, awareness and intervention skills.  I offer specialized services designed to help individuals and teams.

British Columbia Anti-Racism Resources

Why I do this work

identify as a White Settler, cis-gendered (she/her), of Scottish and English colonial descent, and occupying unceded Cowichan territory (aka Shawnigan Lake BC, Canada). I have been told by Indigenous leaders that Indigenous people have born the weight of interrupting racism for far too long and it is time for Settlers to take responsibility for teaching Settler people. We must stop the harm at the source; our inaccurate and incomplete education that normalizes and teaches negative stereotypes that enforce inequity.  I created this website and defined my services in response to requests from both Indigenous and Settler educators, leaders and service providers to offer Indigenous anti-racism intervention education. See What People Say

Indigenous Education

Indigenous Anti-Racism Educator, Facilitator, and Coach 

After facilitating thousands of discussions with health, mental health, justice and child welfare workers across BC, Ontario, and Manitoba I was morally compelled to examine how to stop the stereotype harm of Indigenous peoples. I completed a Doctor of Education degree in 2018 with a research focus on Indigenous anti-racism.  I continually learn from, consult and collaborate with Indigenous mentors and Indigenous and Settler anti-racism leaders in exposing, examining and interrupting Indigenous specific racism. Click here for more about me and why I do this work. 


> Child and Youth Care Worker, Lalum' Utul Smun'eem, Child and Family Services.  

> Social Worker, Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD).

> Delegated Social Worker, Lalum' Utul Smun'eem, Child and Family Services

> Aboriginal Social Work Delegation Trainer, Indigenous Perspectives Society

> Facilitator, Integration Lead, San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Program. 

> Professor, Applied Practice in Indigenous Contexts, University of Victoria (UVIC).

> Adjunct Professor (UVIC), co-supervisor graduate students.

> Consultant /Contractor, Insight Indigenous Anti-racism Coaching Services

“Education got us into this mess and education will get us out of it.”   
-Justice Murray Sinclair 


> Doctor of Education in Transformative Learning SFU

> Masters of Social Work, Indigenous Specialization

> BA Child and Youth Care, Child Welfare Specialization

> Registered Social Worker #11911


Indigenous Anti-Racism Training

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