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Indigenous Anti-Racism Response

Safer Workplaces, Better Services

Explore questions without fear of offending

Identify Blind Spots and Find Remedies

One-to-one guidance and coaching sessions to apply a critical Indigenous anti-racism/cultural safety lens to your work. For example, organization evaluations, proposals, support for briefing notes, strategic planning, assessing your communication and relationships. Identify hidden biases and blind spots to understand how people may be contributing to racism within and outside of your workplace. Build confidence through Indigenous anti-racism competence.

Practical application of Indigenous Anti-Racism Education

Deconstruct Anti-Racism in the Workplace

Coaching Support to Debrief Indigenous-specific racism incidents in media, publications, reports, your organization and/or personal experiences.  Together we can examine, deconstruct, and create an action plan to remediate incidents of Indigenous specific stereotyping, bias and racism. (E.g. In Plain Sight investigation into Indigenous anti-racism in BC.). Become comfortable with the discomfort of examining race and racism in a remedial journey.  My coaching services may also be an Intervention for unsafe behaviour that is occurring in the system that may be addressed through supportive measures.

Build Critical Analysis

Integrated Learning: Guided Book or Resource Review sessions for individuals and/or teams on Zoom. (Pre-reading Resources, Learning Outline and Learning Evaluation included).  Integrated Learning: Guided prep and debrief sessions for help in understanding Indigenous anti-racism webinars.


Lead Your Team through Challenging Discussions About Race and Racism

Community of Indigenous Anti-Racism Intervention Practice - facilitation for teams or leadership groups


Build An Equitable And Safe Workplace


Human Resource (HR) services; Recruitment and Retention support for Indigenous anti-racism document screening, creating job descriptions, postings and interview guides.  Indigenous anti-racism and Cultural Competency screening for work and performance plan assessments, for you and your team.


My Learning Journey -
Why Settler to Settler Services?

I have had the immense honour of working with and learning from Indigenous people and organizations in several contexts for over 18 years. A respected Elder advised me that I have a responsibility to "teach my people" and to share the knowledge that I have been given by Indigenous mentors. It is both an honour and my responsibility to share their extensive experience to support Settlers and Settler Systems with the intent of creating safer workplaces and services for Indigenous peoples.

My goal is to support Settler professional development and competency as we navigate challenging topics about race and whiteness. I have worked in Indigenous anti-racism response in several contexts; one/one coaching, collaborative evaluation and research projects,  co-facilitated webinars, team debriefs, and training sessions with Indigenous people, People of Colour and White Settlers.  


Although, I will never know the depths of colonial harm on Indigenous people, I intimately know the depth of colonial bias influence on White Settler identity. Knowing the impact of stereotyping on Settler thought, belief and action, means they can be identified and interrupted. 


Race matters in teaching relationships and influences how people will listen act/think/feel with regards to how the learner ‘relates’ to the educator (Ward, 2018). Settler to Settler anti-racism response services are unique and can provide a compliment for foundational online training, integration of applied critical race knowledge, and in preparation for respectful engage with culturally responsive education and training that only Indigenous people can provide. 


We are all needed in this work. Recognizing and unpacking normalized White Settler bias is imperative and not an easy process of unlearning. This can be painful and even overwhelming realization for settlers, but nothing like the lived experience of Indigenous peoples. Supporting service providers to interrupt racism and to engage safely with Indigenous people is my life's work.


I am connected with several respected colleagues; Indigenous, Racialized Settler, and White Settler anti-racism leaders invested in this work and more than happy to refer you to their services as well.

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Indigenous Cultural Safety

Develop Your Cultural Competency
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